Animal Feed Packaging

Structure / Technical Details:

  • 3 Layer structure with/without Inner Liner & 2 Layer structure with/Without Inner Liner
  • Top layer, Reverse Printed BOPP / Extrusion Laminated Top Layer, surface Printed.
  • Inner layer is WPP fabric, Laminated to top layer through extrusion process / Inner layer is WPP fabric, extrusion laminated for surface printing.

Features & Benefits :

  • Package branding / graphics remain intact during usage of product (due to reverse printed top BOPP film layer).
  • BOPP Laminated Bag provides better barrier against moisture and longer shelf life.
  • BOPP Laminated/Laminated Layer protects product from getting leaked out, thus avoiding wastage during multiple handlings.
  • Excellent tear-resistance and durability.

Applications :

  • Animal Feeds

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